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In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2008 and had been responsible for initiating some drastic changes that affect the racing industry. Our specialty is in the Street to Strip aftermarket components. Our regular customers particularly value our advice and easy to approach nature.

To improve the motor sport and aftermarket tuning segment of the motoring industry to global standard. To grow and expand by expending maximum financial surplus and personal effort into the business. This will allow us to provide increased service delivery to our customers, new and existing.

SK Racing provides a specialized service to the motorsport and aftermarket motoring industries and industry end-consumers. This service entails the expert / sound product advice,- performance enhancements and suitable replacement parts.

Our product offerings are well known globally for their performance enhancing capabilities...but where we differ is how we apply each product to every custom project.In doing so we have created performance and tuning solutions to suit each consumers pocket.

We distribute many locally manufactured products as part of our 'Proudly South African' initiative adding further value to the sustainability to the industry.

We have established a national logistical solution via Road or Air and can safely say your order whatever the size or grade will reach you safely and securely.

SK Racing we love performance